We are seasoned professionals with global experience. With over 30 years of operational expertise and legal counsel experience across nearly 70 countries, we help companies with business planning, execution, and best practices.

Our core service is “contracts” - drafting, analyzing, and managing agreements for complex deals and projects. Some of the billion-dollar projects we’ve work on: two telecom networks in Thailand, another one in Australia, a power plant project in Laos with World Bank requirements, and most recently the $4B smart city project, ‘One Bangkok.’

We’ve also helped companies launch new products and enter new markets. We’re familiar with due diligence, data privacy and business risk governance, cybersecurity, project finance, growth strategies, digitalization, and AI adoption.

Our core team has Juris Doctorates in Law and PhDs in Robotics/Automation and Economics. We leverage our personal network comprising of law firms, certified cybersecurity and physical security experts, technical professionals, and data scientists.

Additionally, we design and teach cutting-edge university courses integrating business, technology, law, Big Data & AI, cybersecurity, applied economics, digital finance, robotics, and electric vehicles.